Run to God

My Journal is the place I go to reflect upon God’s Word and my life.  It provides me with much needed perspective for my walk, reminders of the things that matter most.  As I begin “blogging”, I want to share some thoughts from my Journal because I think they may be helpful to others.  So here goes…


“Man likes to run from God.”  So days author Mitch Albom in his great little book, “Have a Little Faith”… and he is spot-on!  I am a Christian Pastor (Baptist), I lead a congregational family, I honestly love God and marvel at His amazing Grace – yet I do run from Him – all the time.


I run to busyness, to meetings, to counseling, to crises, to pulpits, to classes, to death-beds, to hobbies, to vices, to solitude, to parties, to technology, to music, to literature, to all the “much-ness and many-ness” that is our modern obsession with all things that disconnect us from God.  Consequently, I know well the weight of Proverbs 18:14, “…but a crushed spirit who can bear?”


Today is the first day of my annual “Prayer and Renewal Retreat” and I need this – so very much!  I need the change of pace, the change of venue, the company of a couple brothers in Christ, the beauty of the mountains and the pampering of the resort.  But, far and away, the thing I need most – need deep down in my spirit – is this: time for quiet and solitude to focus upon God’s Presence and His “still small voice” to me.  I need to reconnect and remember and reflect.  I need to be with God and allow Him to be with me. 


I need to reverse the natural order of things and run to Him!


-Pastor Ron Lott

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