From Your Pastor's Heart to Yours

From Your Pastor’s Heart to Yours

I am doing a funeral this week (the day before we go on vacation). In the last two days I have been asked to do two more (but I can't because we will be gone). My daughter attended a funeral earlier today for a young man who died an untimely death; and, I visited a family in Iowa City with a very sick infant. I ended my day today listening to a community member talking through his recent - and very painful - divorce. Its only three days old but it is already a very long week! I say that because there is so much hurt, so much pain, so much brokenness and loss in our world and once in a while it can seem a bit

But that is only if we allow ourselves to forget "the rest of the story"! The fact is that there is much trouble in this world (John 16:33). And, if that was where the story ended, well, we'd be sunk! But the good news is that there is far more to the story of our lives! We worship and serve a God Who is greater than our trouble! In His words, "I have overcome the world!"

But it wasn't just words, just cheap talk. Our God provided the bona fides in the form of action. He died the death that we all deserve and then He came up out of the grave and offered us the victory which only He deserved. What a great trade: giving up that which I deserve for that which only the perfect Man deserves. That's God's bargain in Christ and our only hope in the midst of trouble!

When He died, He had me in mind... He had you too! All for the sake of His love and our need! May God Himself encourage and carry you today through whatever trouble has come your way!

-Rev. Ronald Lott, Senior Pastor

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