This year in Men’s Fraternity I discovered that I am a “Harmonizer/Persister”. That is a good combination for a Pastor (I think). I can see how my spiritual gifts compliment and complete my natural abilities. Clear evidence that God uniquely designed me and that I am no mistake – despite the enemy’s best efforts to discourage and misinform me!

Lord, you made me special – from my gene-pool to my thumb print to my personality! I may not be the embodiment of perfection as the world sees it, but I am the perfect Ron Lott of Your design. My virtues are Your Grace Gifts to me, my flaws, channels through which Your Power can flow – both are to Your Glory (which is, after all, the point)! Every day, good, bad, mediocre, is a day of living in Your service to You, pointing others to You – whether willingly or unwillingly, whether according to my obedience or my disobedience.

I don’t have to be perfect to serve You – I just have to be me with Jesus and that is why the enemy of my soul is ever trying to cause me despair regarding that design. My design is of You and from You and You have great plans for me! So when I reject my design it is actually You I am rejecting (not trusting).

Help me, today, to rejoice in my unique design and to embrace it and in so doing to embrace You (my Designer)!

What do you think?

-Pastor Ron Lott

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