Dare to Be Different (D2BD) Youth (6-12th grades)


  • Christmas Party December 14th.
  • No Youth Group December 21st & 28th


  • Wednesday night’s from 6:00-7:30 at FBC 
  • 6-12th Grade D2BD Youth Sunday School  at 9:30 a.m. We meet every Sunday morning. Bring your Bibles!
  • Please find us on FACEBOOK and keep an eye on our monthly calendar for schedule and event changes!

Children (Preschool-5th Grade)

  • K-5th grade SonShine Kids is currently on SUMMER BREAK!
  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is July 10-14th!  REGISTRATION information coming soon! 


When is SONShine Kids?
(We take the summers off, check the church calendar for details)

Who can attend SONShine Kids?
Children ages four-years-old through 5th grade are welcome! Parents are always welcome to stick around and observe, or get into the fun and help out!

What is SONShine Kids?
SONShine kids is an interactive night where children are introduced to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus through short Bible lessons, games, science experiments, crafts, food, and always fun!

What is a typical SONShine kids night like?
SONShine Kids meets in our Fellowship Hall (outside the Sanctuary) each evening. The children have a fun time going through Bible lessons, crafts, games, experiments, snacks, and other activities to show them the love that Jesus has for each one of them. We use dynamic material to engage their curiosity. We make sure to always have fun, and try and burn off some of that wonderful child energy they all have. We want this event to be FUN! Too many of us have images of Church and everything that goes with it to be dull and boring. We know better, and need to show the children that God is fun and exciting! Children are encouraged to bring their friends. Its part of why we are all here, to bring more people to konw Jesus.

Next, we move into Fellowship hall, and have some assortment of Games, Crafts, Experiments, Snacks, and other fun events. We usually have some free time near the end where we go outside if it’s nice out.

We want this event to be FUN! Too many people have images of Church and everything that goes with it to be dull and boring. We know better, and need to show the children that loving God is fun and exciting!

We also encourage children to bring friends! It’s part of why we are all here, to bring more people to know Jesus Christ.

What are the rules at SONShine kids?

 We RESPECT ourselves, by loving ourselves like God loves us.
 We RESPECT each other by loving everyone else like God does. Hands to ourselves, kind words only, everyone gets to participate.
 We RESPECT our building by cleaning up after ourselves, by not breaking things, and by being careful with what we have.

What do I do on my child’s first night at SONShine kids?

If you are bringing your child to SONShine kids for the first time, GREAT! Welcome! We are going to have SO much fun!

We have a Student Info Sheet that parents need to fill out for each child; it gives us contact and health information in case we need to get a hold of you, and so we know what kind of health issues we need to work with (allergies, asthma, physical conditions, etc). We also use the contact information for announcements.

After that, your child is free to have some fun with us. As a parent, you are welcome to stick around and observe from the back, or help out with the night, just let one of our Leaders know.

My child is in middle school now, where can they go?

SONShine kids is for 4 years through 5th grade. But, Dare 2 Be Different Youth is an awesome ministry that we support for middle and high school youth. Please contact Youth Director Jerry Danzinger at the church (563-242-0811) for more information on D2BD Youth!

What can I do to help SONShine Kids?

We have many opportunities for you to help out SONShine kids:
 PRAY for our children, for our leaders, for those who are helping.
 GIVE snacks. Let one of our leaders know you want to provide snacks for an evening. We usually have around 20 children.
 HELP out. Let one of our leaders know if you want to volunteer and help out on Wednesdays. You can help out once in a while, or each week, whichever works for you.
 BRING your children, and encourage them to bring friends. Its our job (as parents, as adults who love God, as Christians who know the importance of children) to educate our children about God.

Who are the SONShine Kids leaders?

Karen Johnson (FBC’s Director of Children’s Ministries)



The dates for this years’ VBS are Sunday, July 10 - Thursday, July 14.   Kids ages 4 years - 5th grade are invited. 

This year’s theme is “Barnyard Roundup”.  Not only will there be exciting stories, crafts, games and food – we will have live animals each day for the children to experience God’s creations up close.  

REGISTRATION FORM!  Please print and complete this form.  Return it to FBC by FAX (563-242-1501) or bring it with you on Sunday. http://bit.ly/1WMMzmj 

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